the journey

Highlights from 2010

2010 has been jam-packed with journeys, adventures, and lots of miles under DK's hull. We are continually grateful for both our personal health as well as the health of our boat and home. Here's a little reflection back on our year. Enjoy!

*Countries Visited:
Thailand, Andaman Islands of India, Maldive Islands, Oman, Yemen, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Italy(Siciliy and Sardinia), Spain, Gibraltar, Canary Islands of Spain, Cape Verde Islands, Grenadines, Grenada.
18 Countries Total (19 if you count the Canary Islands separate from mainland Spain)

*Miles travelled on DK in 2010: Approximately 11,800

*Days sailing/motoring: 148

*Nights at Sea: 74

*Longest Sailing Passage: Atlantic Crossing (Canary Islands to Bequia, Grenadines) Approximately 3000 miles

*Major Seas and Oceans Crossed: Andaman Sea, Northern Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean

*Favorite Unexpected Places: Yemen and Oman

*Best Time in the Water: Swimming with mating dolphins at Dolphin Reef, Southern Egypt

*Best Adventure off the Boat: Nile River Cruise with Nicole's parents, Bob and Michelle

*Friendliest Locals: Oman, Yemen, Turkey, and Siracusa, Sicily

*Most 'Off the Grid': Eritrea and Sudan, Red Sea

*Best Fishing: Andaman Islands and the Red Sea

*Best Taxi Driver/'Go To' Guy: Ravi at Port Blair, Andaman Islands

*Best Cruising with Friends: Hardman in the Greek Islands and Bronwen/Mike in Northern Sardinia

*Number of new Gray Hairs: Countless!