salty mates

Mike and Bronwen (and 'baby almost')

A week on DK in the rich and famous' playground of north-eastern Sardinia, Bron, Mike, and Baby Almost, made it happen. Our most faithful crew, these guys can pretty much do it all on DK now (except maybe a long passage...neither of them are too sure they want to have that experience)!
Another great week together in another country!


8 days aboard DK sailing thru the Greek Islands, Hardy actually turned off his phone for a while and managed to slow down and settle into the chill summer pace of the Med. Not only did we get to bop around some anchorages together, but we also had a ripping windy meltemi passage and some off-boat time on the caldera of Santorini. Thanks for making the trip all the way from Aussie-land Hardman!!

Bronwen, Mike, Billy and Deanne

All 4 of these characters showed up in Phuket, Thailand, where we set out on some climbing and photography adventures at the islands of Koh Ya Noi, Phi Phi, and Railay. For almost 2 weeks the 6 of us managed to squeeze into DK to rack up another '6-Pack' adventure that rivaled our Greek Islands trip together 4 years ago on our solid vessel, Daphne.


Nic and Heather were once college roomates in Boulder, Colorado, which kindled a friendship that has endured and grown through the years. Heather made the trip across the ocean to visit us in Malaysia and Cambodia with support from her husband, Mike, and kids, Talia and Oliver, who are now living in L.A., recently transplanted from their upcountry home of Kula, Maui.


Having received a hall pass from his pregnant wife, Marion, and 2 year old daughter, Piper, Zack got some Team DK and glos time in Vanuatu after a long long journey from the mountains of Washington State.

Bronwen and Mike

Out of Berkeley, CA, and landing in Fakarava Atoll, Tuamotus, our very close buddies lived with us on DreamKeeper for 3 solid weeks sailing to Fakarava Atoll, Ahe Atoll, Rangiroa Atoll, and the passage to Papeete, Tahiti

Deanne and Billy

Straight out of the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, our close mountain friends met us in La Paz, Baja, for a week and a half of adventures in the Sea of Cortez and Todos Santos, Baja.