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the Admiral and First Mate, is a true water-girl at heart! If only she could grow a tail, she would physically evolve into the mermaid her spirit has already become. Her ablity to adapt from the urban San Francisco world she was born into is admirable, as she is equally at home in the wilderness where she has spent much of her time teaching outdoor education courses, playing, and being. Nicole has sailed for a few years now, and has the gifts of being extremely aware, insightful, bright, and comfortable living in small spaces. She is passionate about environmental causes, doing what she can to make a difference and educating people about how they can become more aware. This journey for her is about so many things: being connected intimately to the ocean, being more simple and slowing down, giving back to the places and people she connects with, a skilled diver, accomplished photographer, a truly salty sailor, and a more compassionate being!

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El capitan, a true stubborn and stong-headed taurus bull, constantly yearns for adventure, challenge, and living in the present. This journey for me is about connecting to the greatest wilderness in the world. To plan for and commit to this challenging adventurous journey has been powerful. Then to be able to create this adventure with my wife and best friend, and travel the world with our little "floating house" is truly a dream manifested. I look forward to living more in the moment, appreciating and participating in the beauty that the great Oceans and diverse cultures of the world offer, as well as living more simple...slower, more patient, and more aware.

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