If you are really going to GO cruising, then eventually you have to really leave the dock. Still the most difficult thing we have "done" since we left Sausalito, California, in November 2006, was just that, we left. As the miles have been put on under the keel and life on DK has become our reality, we thought we would share a few gear pieces we have learned to appreciate. This is more of a miscellaneous category and not the usual "priority boating stuff" covered in the other boat pages in our site.

*Caribe RIB inflatable and Yamaha 15 hp 4-stroke:
-Oh man, we do love "super dingy"! This boat is really sweet if you want something to stay dry in with big tubes, a fiberglass floor, that will carry 6 people or all your scuba gear, surfboards, etc. The Yamaha 4-Stroke is also an excellent machine. Little trouble, little maintanance, takes only a little fuel, quiet, and minimal pollution. We love it. Of course there is a down-side to everything. Both of these are heavy. We don't mind the effort involved because once they are in the water you are one happy boater.

*Orca Green LED tricolor/anchor masthead light:
-Worth the pennies it costs, as the light takes minimal energy and also has a photo-diode to swith itself automatically on when it gets dark.

*Hard Dodger:
-Another one of those, 'So glad we did this' pieces of "gear"? More of a major boat piece then a piece of "gear", I know, but I just had to include it. We had a "Wavestopper" hard top fiberglass dodger put on, with zip-out stamoid fabric panels and lexan plastic windows. Overall this has been a really great boat piece for us and the only thing better would be a thicker fiberglass hardtop with real operable windows. Many boats have these custom units added on in New Zealand, but for us, the wavestopper has still been a very positive addition and worth every penny.

*Shurflo Fuel Filter:
-Our first one was a West Marine duo-fuel filter. Now, I believe, Shurflo, only makes these with the duo-filter in the funnel. You can get a 'Baja Filter', but why pay so much more for the same piece of mind? We filter every drop that goes into our tanks through this piece of gear and it has defnitely paid off! No plugged engine fuel filter yet after almost 3000 hours on the Yanmar (knock on wood)!