the boat water system

Overall, we have a pretty sweet water system on Dreamkeeper. We not only have a pressurized water system for our galley and head, we also have manual foot pumps to save on energy when we need to. If we need to rinse off, we most often use a sunshower on deck or the pressurized cockpit hose, but have a small shower stall in the head if it's chilly outside.

But the best of all is our rainwater catchment system. It is built in to this boat....someone was thinking. Our toerails are high so once you close off the starboard scuppers and open the water fill cap located on the starboard side, the rain does the rest. If it fills up, the overflow is located in the galley sink, so you know it is full, and then you can open the seacock inside the boat for the scupper. No need to even go out and get soaked.
This fills only one of our tanks, our main working tank. But if we need to fill the others we just fill jugs in the cockpit from the cockpit shower hose and then manually pour into the other tank. No problem.

Tankage: DK originally came outfitted with 3 tanks for a total of around 140 gallons. One water tank forward under V-Berth, one midships, and one under the quarter berth in starboard stern. After sailing across the Pacific, we decided we wanted more diesel tankage, so we converted the middle water tank (55 gallons) to be diesel. Now we have only around 100 gallons for water and about 120 gallons for diesel. It has been a very good choice for us as we catch rainwater all the time plus we have a Katadyn Powersurvivor 80E watermaker that uses reverse osmosis to produce fresh water from the ocean. This unit runs at 8 amps @12v DC, and produces 3.4 gallons/hour. The watermaker doesn't make water as quick as many, but it is a simple design and it runs on very little energy. Great for when we are getting good wind and can just use our wind generator energy to power our watermaker. But most important of all after 2 1/2 years of crusing it still hasn't given us any problems (knock on wood).

Holding Tank: 19 gallons.

Hot Water: We have a 6 gallon hot water heater that needs shore power or the engine running to heat it up.