the journey

november 2006, California: in the beginning...

November 21, 2006
Current Location: Pelican Harbor, Sausalito, CA
Current Position: Latitude N37deg 51.650', Longitude W122deg 28.970' Next Destination: Channel Islands, CA
leavingsaucy This is our first day actually writing on our new website. We have been running around for weeks now checking things off our final lists. Seems like it never ends. Our hope is to leave sometime this coming weekend, after Thanksgiving, and head south for Southern California. Can't believe it acually might happen....... garnicggbridge
November 28, 2006

Current Location: Monterey Bay, CA
Current Position: N36deg 36.290', W121deg 53.480'
Next Destination: San Simeon Bay, CA
As we settle down in a new place and look back at the last few days, feelings of relief, excitement, fatigue and appreciation all come to mind. Leaving our home in Pelican Harbor was an emotional whirlwind. Having to say good bye to Nicole's family, our friends, and all of our dock neighbors, was not easy, and my spirit felt saddened as much as excitied for what lay ahead. As we sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge with dolphins leading the way, tears rolled down my cheeks as nicole hung out over the bowsprit waving our "fish" windflag that her mom and dad had the twin to, where they waved it back from the pedestrian walkway on the bridge above. With blessings to the ocean, love to each other and all those who have supported us, and a farewell to Sausalito and the last 4 years of our life there, we were finally on our way!!!
We battled the wind on our nose until we reached the last entrance buoy to the shipping lanes, took a left, eased the sails out, and away we flew on a sweet broad reach heading south along the coast. We had a nice ride pushing 6-8 knots with only about 15 knots of wind getting down below Half Moon Bay before the darkness of the early winter night came upon us. The evening brought with it some rolly seas, flukey winds, and some upset stomachs. I had a long night battling the seaskickies and the biting cold that ensued. By morning we were sailing into Monterey Bay greeted by many Humpback whales, sea lions, and at the entrance to Monterey Bay harbor, a fat furry sea otter friend. A few hours later, we were snug in the harbor, having a post-Thanksgiving leftover brunch with tukey, gravy, stuffing, and all the goodies to go along with it. Having had an empty stomach since the afternoon before, the meal couldn't have been any better!!
Life in Monterey these past couple of days has been about relaxation, re-connection to each other and our own spirits, and the enjoyment of appreciating the area we are in.