the journey

Journey up the Red Sea

A few highlights from our Red Sea adventures from Eritrea to Hurghada, Egypt:

March, April, and May 2010

* Port Smythe/Shumma anchorage in Eritrea.
Loved the desert landscape, the walks on the island, the shell collecting, and the excellent snorkeling in the lagoon reefs.

* Fishing was very good, especially in the southern Red Sea. Overall we caught 14 barracuda, a queenfish, 2 tunas, a red snapper, some trevally, and a tuna that a shark chomped in half.

* Long Island in the Shubuk Channel. Peaceful place to share with the crabs, ospreys, and flamingoes.

* Port Suakin, Sudan. Far away from the realties of Southern Sudan and Dharfor, Port Suakin is a world from another time. This place was definitely a highlight.

* The underwater life is mostly good with many new species of fish we hadn't seen anywhere before. We missed some of the best reefs because of weather and timing but these images are from Sanganeb Reef in Sudan, which was a nice place to hang with the underwater critters.

* Taila Islands in central Sudan. Beautiful low sandy islands full of life. The ospreys rule here.

* Dolphin Reef in southern Egypt. One of our favorites in the Red Sea and an amazing experience swimming with this pod of 50 spinner dolphins on 2 occassions.

* And more dolphins....they are almost always around, practically coming to visit DK on a daily basis and get some surf action in.

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