little stuff we like to make life easier

*Alternator Belt Tightener:
-A little tool that helps a ton. Not easy to find, but you can read more about it on this link. LINK HERE

*Water Pump Impeller Puller:
-So glad we finally got one of these! If you have a Yanmar, like us, then the water pump impeller housing is on the back-side of the engine where it pretty much sucks to see and deal with. We had to customize this one we bought just a bit by cutting off part of the stem (it was too long to fit), but now it is great and makes changing the impeller so much easier!

*Non-Skid Pads:
-We use these for all our counter surfaces on passage or in rolly anchorages. Get yourself a roll or two and you will thank us.

*Abosorber Cloth:
-Love this thing. Especially if you have any exterior varnish to soaks up the water super quick and easily. Also great when you want to do a quick dry of the cockpit area after a big rainsquall.

-Yeah, you might think this is a bit extravagant, but if you actually do go crusing for a long time or do a circumnavigation, you will be so so gratelful if you have your own. We use ours all the time to scan documents, make copies, or print out all our boat official paperwork, as we often need to have huge quantities for all the various officials we visit. We have a Hewlett Packard 4-in-1, but you should just get the smallest, most compact, scanner/printer/copier you can find that will fit somewhere in your boat. Totally worth every penny!

*Boat Stamp:
-Planning on cruising to Asia or the Middle East??? Do yourself a favor and get a boat stamp made with your boat name, documentation number, etc...You will use it all the time and some officials simply love the things. One more little thing that just makes dealing with officials that much easier.

-Most of you already have these...but thought we would mention how great the ones from Petzl are with the flip-down "red" plastic lens. Very very useful for all your night passages so you don't lose your night vision on watch but can still turn the pages of your captivating novel.
Here's the LINK to Petzl's site

*Canvas Bucket:
-Love this piece of gear. Folds up nicely for storage, but strong and easy to use over the side.