Make A Difference:

Here's a few tips without trying to sound "preachy" or condescending or even righteous. All of this is a good reminder to us, as much as anybody else!

For Sailors:

*Tread lightly, live simply, and try to be a good travel ambassador. Remember you represent the "whole" sailing community, but also your country. Especially if you are from the U.S., we need more open-minded, considerate, and respectful people trying to keep up good foreign relations!

*Support organizations that are doing meaningful work in the countries/areas you are connected to. There are so many out there, some more productive and impactful, of course, so you will have to do your homework. We've listed a few we like on our "organizations" webpage that you may find enticing as well.

*Do your best to reduce and reuse your plastic! This is a HUGE problem right now and it's not getting much better. To learn more about this major major issue, please take a look at our friend, Cara's Blog.

---Bring your own bags to go to the stores. Cut down on island waste, especially plastic.
---Buy biodegradable bags. We found these were very common in place like French Polynesia and Vanuatu. Stock up when you see them!
--Try to limit the amount of plastic you buy at the stores. Use your own water bottles if you can or re-use ones you buy. Almost always the plastic will not be recycled in the islands and just ends up in the local garbage pit or back in the ocean.

*Save old batteries and old broken electronics to recycle in places like the U.S., Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Please don't just throw these overboard. It may seem ridiculous to read this, but we have personally witnessed and heard about many sailors just chucking their old laptops, engine parts, and batteries overboard. Come on people! This is just plain "old-school" mentality and pure laziness. Please please think about it!

*Buy local food as much as possible. Of course, this is not so easy and we are equally to blame. But some things like local fruits/veggies and local coffee/tea is easy to find and you can stock up for the long haul at those places.

Take a test to determine "your" personal imact:

*** Do an ecological footprint study and have more awareness around what your personal impact is on the planet. Here are a couple online that you can try: