where o' where?

Our ultimate goal is to circumnavigate the world within 5 years. If the sea gods smile upon us, we will be sailing back under the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco in June or July of 2011!


To see where we last reported our location and weather conditions, click on this LINK. We will try to update this as much as possible.

Year 5: January 2011 - Summer 2011 (Proposed Route)

January 2011: Grenada. Passage to ABC's. Family reunion in Bonaire. To Aruba. Passage to Cartagnena, Columbia.

February 2011:Cartagnena, Columbia and San Blas Islands of Panama

March 2011 Panama Canal. Pacific side of Panama and Costa Rica

April 2011: Central American Coast to Mexico (Close true loop of Circumnavigation at Purerto Vallarta)

May 2011: Mexico and Sea of Cortez

June 2010: Beat up Pacific Baja Coast to Southern California. Continue up to San Francisco. Sail back under the Golden Gate Bridge! Back Home!

Year 4: January 2010 - December 2010

January 2010: Andaman Islands of India. Crossing to Maldives

February 2010:Maldives. Crossing to Oman. Oman

March 2010 Convoy to Yemen. Yemen, Southern Red Sea. Sudan

April 2010: Sudan to Egypt up the Red Sea. Egypt

May 2010: Egypt. Thru Suez Canal to Med. Israel

June 2010: Israel

July 2010: Turkey and Greek Islands

August 2010: Sicily, Aeolian Islands and Sardinia, Italy

September 2010: Northern Sardinia and Barcelona, Spain

October 2010: Barcelona, Spain, to Gibraltar

November 2010: Gibraltar. Passage to Canary Islands. Canary Islands

December 2010: Atlantic Crossing to the southern Caribbean Sea. Most likely heading to the Grenadines and Grenada.

Year 3: December 2008 - December 2009

December 2008 - April 2009: Palau, Micronesia

April and May 2009: Raja Ampat and Misool Island (all considered West Papua). Indonesia

June and July: Bandas Islands. Then to Flores, Komodo, and Gili Air. Indonesia

July and August 2009: Bali, Indonesia

September 2009: Passage to Borneo (to visit the orangutans) and passage to Singapore

End of September 2009: Singapore

October 2009: West coast of Malaysia

mid-October, November and December 2009: Thailand

Year 2: December 2007 - December 2008

December 2007: California for the holidays

January - February 2008: Return to Auckland. Yard Work and boat projects at Half Moon Bay Marina, Auckland.

March 2008: Travel to South Island of New Zealand in campervan

Beginning of April 2008: Reef Check training in Tonga

May 2008: Passage to Fiji. Fiji.

June and Beginning of July 2008: Fiji

Mid-July, August, and September 2008: Vanuatu

October - Mid-November 2008: Solomon Islands

Last weeks of November 2008: Kavieng, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea

Beginning of December 2008: Hermit Islands of Papua New Guinea

Mid-December 2008: Passage to Palau, Micronesia

December thru March or April 2009: Palau, Micronesia

Year 1: November 2006 - November 2007

November 2006: Southern California

December 2006: Pacific Coast of Baja. Sea of Cortez, Baja.

January 2007: Sea of Cortez. Sail across Sea of Cortez to Puerto Vallarta

February 2007: Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

March 2007: Puerto Vallarta. Pacific Crossing to Marquesas, French Polynesia

April 2007: Sailing to Marquesas. Marquesas Islands.

May 2007: Marquesas Islands. Sail to Tuamotus Islands. Tuamotus Islands, French Polynesia.

June 2007: Tuamotus Islands. Sail to Tahiti. Society Islands, French Polynesia.

July 2007: Side trip to Easter Island. Society Islands, French Polynesia.

August 2007: Southern Cook Islands: Rarotonga, Aitutake, and Palmerston Atoll

Septemer 2007: Island of Niue. Tongan Islands.

October 2007: Tongan Islands

November 2007: Sail to New Zealand. Bay of Islands and Auckland, N.Z.

Total Miles travelled in Year 1: Almost 10,000 nautical miles